Messenger Rooms – How to Use Facebook Video Chat Feature On Messenger


Facebook’s Messenger Rooms can be used on desktop and mobile apps. Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. it can be used in different parts of Facebook. Including Groups, Facebook Live, and the News Feed. You can create rooms that are open to anyone who has the link, including those without a Facebook profile, or limit it to Facebook users. However, Facebook video chat is not end-to-end encrypted.

Messenger Rooms -  How to Use Facebook's Video Chat Feature On Messenger

These instructions apply to the latest desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.

How to Create a Room in Messenger on Desktop

It’s very easy to use Messenger Rooms on the desktop website and the mobile app. It takes just a few steps to create a room and invite participants. The creator of the room must be present for others to join. They can remove participants and end or lock the room as well. Here’s how to start a room on a desktop:

  1. Click the Video Camera icon at the top of your contacts list. You might need to grant permission for Facebook to access your mic and camera.
  2. Click Copy to share the link.
  3. To limit who can join, click Edit.
  4. Select Only people on Facebook, then click Save.
  5. Send the link using any email or a messaging service.

Create a Room From the Messenger Mobile App

The process for starting a room and inviting participants in the Facebook Messenger mobile app is similar to doing so on the desktop. Creating a room on Android and iPhone is almost exactly the same.

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Tap the Messenger icon on the top right.
  3. Tap People on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click Create a Room.
  5. To limit who can join, click Edit > Only people on Facebook.
  6. Tap Share Link.
  7. Share the link with your invitees.

Create a Room From the Facebook News Feed

You have more control over who can join the room by starting from the News Feed. You can limit the guests to anyone on your friends list or invite specific friends.

If you add a start time for your room, people you invite can say they are interested in joining your room.

If you say you are interested in a room, you’ll be notified when the room starts. Your Facebook friends who are invited to the same room will be able to see that you are interested in joining that room.

To create a room to share on your News Feed:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. From your newsfeed, click Create Room.
  3. Click Room Activity to choose an activity or theme for the room.
  4. Enter New to create a custom activity or choose from Hanging OutKeep Me CompanyHappy Hour, and others.
  5. Enter the Guestlist Who is Invited to build your guest list. Tap Friends to invite all your Facebook friends. Click Invite Specific Friends and select friends you want to invite. Then tap Invite or Invite Friends.
  6. Click Start Time then Enter Date or Start Time to set a date and time. There’s also an option to start right away. Click Save.
  7. You’ll be asked if you want to enable link sharing, which allows anyone who also has a link into the room. Including people who aren’t your Facebook friends and those who don’t have Facebook or Messenger.
  8. Type a Facebook status and click Post to share the room link with your invitees.

How to Join a Messenger Room

When you join a room, your Facebook profile name and picture will display if you’ve logged into Facebook or Messenger.

Joining a room is a different process depending on how you were invited.

  • Click Join Room on your friend’s status.
  • Click the link your friend shared with you.

In these scenarios, you might have to sign in to your Facebook account before entering the room.


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