Maintenance Planner Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a professional maintenance planner? And you will like to migrate to the United States to improve your career and get awesome pay? Then this review is certainly for you. In the USA presently, visa sponsorship is added alongside maintenance planner jobs. As a foreigner based on this kind of job, you can apply for the jobs easily without having to go through migration stress. Migrating to the USA for this job is now being made faster and better for foreigners to do.

Although, not all companies in the USA offer visa sponsorship alongside maintenance planner jobs. Some companies require you to fund your visa to migrate to the USA for the job. Nonetheless, you can still find US companies that offer visa sponsorships. But, you must take note of the information about this job given in this article.

Meanwhile, maintenance planner jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship are open for every foreigner to apply for irrespective of the part of the job they are into. It doesn’t really matter what country or continent you are from, you can apply and get approved for the job. But note that if you are from USA you can’t apply for maintenance planner jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. Before applying, there are some things you will need to consider.

Some of these things include eligibility, requirements, and more. By meeting them, you are sure to get jobs and migrate to the USA for it. However, do you know that for the maintenance planner jobs in the USA, you get to earn more or less than the average salary? Monthly, weekly, yearly, hourly, or daily, you get to earn up to $66,017 per year.

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What are Maintenance Planner Jobs All About?

These are jobs that involve planning and looking out for the improvement of an organization or a workforce. They are in charge of the welfare of the organization they are in. they are one of the most important people in an organization because, with them, a lot of things in the organization will be made easy.

The best part about maintenance planner jobs is that, with them around, so many things are made organized and easy. However, they make sure all the things in the organization are well organized and also, make sure that all the materials needed for a job in the organization are provided. However, there are so many different responsibilities they need to meet in an organization and by taking.

Maintenance Planner Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Responsibilities Of Maintenance Planners

There are so many responsibilities of a maintenance planner and by identifying their responsibilities you get to know why they are important in an organization. However, some of the responsibilities of a Maintenance planner include the following.

  • Planning and organizing the activities of the organization.
  • Make sure that all materials needed for a project are made available.
  • Maintaining the good reputation of the company.
  • Scheduling meetings for the betterment of the organization.

There are many more responsibilities but here only a few are listed here.

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Urgent Maintenance Planner Jobs in USA with visa Sponsorship and Salaries

There are so many maintenance planner jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship with worthy salaries you can apply for. These salaries are what make people apply for jobs in the USA. Also, it helps you identify the best job for you. Below are some of the jobs with visa sponsorship you can apply for in the USA.

  • Maintenance assistant- $2,850- $3,325 per month.
  • Right of way maintenance opera (DCGT) (BHE GT&S) – $43- $54.5 per year.
  • H2B Visa extensions only- facilities maintenance/janitor- $20 per hour.
  • Maintenance electrician- $20 per hour.
  • Groundskeeper/ project custodian- $15 per hour.
  • Maintenance mechanic 2nd shift- $50.5- $63.9 per year.

There are so many more but here are a few.

Companies Offering Maintenance Planner Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Aside from applying for the job, you will need to take note of the companies that offer the jobs with visa sponsorship. This is because not all USA companies offer visa sponsorship alongside these jobs. The lists below are some of the companies that offer jobs with visa sponsorship.

  • Cornell University.
  • Dominion energy.
  • East-west.
  • Corteva Agriscience.
  • Four seasons.
  • Siemens energy.
  • DHL.

To get more, search online through your web browser.

How to Apply For Maintenance Planner

The process of applying for Maintenance Planner Jobs in the United State isn’t easy and this is because it requires a lot of processes to get started. However, you can start your application online once you meet the requirements of the company.

Before applying for this role, you must have authorization from the US government. Also, your Valid information like your name, certifications, and more are needed. Here are the steps and guidelines that need to be carefully followed;

  • Visit any job website Online using your device web browser eg,, Glassdoor,Google Jobs, Zip recruiter,totaljobs, and more.
  • Search for Maintenance Planner Jobs with Visa Sponsorships
  • Select the USA as your preferred location.
  • Once you have found the right job, go through the job description and requirements.
  • To proceed with your application, click on the Apply Now icon.
  • Submit your CV or Resume by uploading it to the website.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

After completing your application, patiently wait for your application to be approved and granted, the next steps and guidelines to follow will be passed to you by your sponsor or employer.

However, make sure to prepare your important documents such as your valid passport, School Degree certificate, Medical results, and other relevant documents.

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