Jobs for Foreign Doctors in USA Without USMLE

Are you a foreign doctor? Do you have a USMLE? If not, are you worried that you can’t get Jobs for foreign doctors in USA without USMLE? Worry less, as there are lots of jobs available for you without a USMLE but willing to migrate to the USA to work.

Over the past years, as a foreign doctor, getting a Job in the USA without USMLE can be very difficult. However, in recent times there are jobs available in USA for foreign doctors without USMLE. And the reason is that the United States is in huge demand for doctors. So they are hiring experienced Doctors who are foreigners in the Country.

Therefore, as a foreign doctor without USMLE, you can apply for these Jobs in the USA. And achieve your aim of taking your Career to another level, meeting new people, and a lot more.

However, as a person who is applying for a foreign doctor’s Job in USA without USMLE, there are certain things and requirements you need to meet. Once you meet these requirements you can apply and get Jobs as a foreign doctor in USA without problems. Want to know more about these jobs? Then you should read through to the end. As this article contains all you need to know about Jobs for foreign doctors in USA without USMLE.

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What is USMLE?

USMLE in full is The United States Medical Licensing Examination. It is an exam for individuals who are interested in working as a doctor in the United States. This Examination requires a lot. And most foreign doctors find it challenging and expensive. USMLE requires a lot of money and time, so a lot of foreign doctors are discouraged from applying for Jobs in USA.

However, there are now lots of Jobs for foreign medical graduates or doctors without USMLE in USA.  In other words, you don’t have to take the Exam to work in the United States. Presently in the USA, there are lots of amazing opportunities for foreign doctors without USMLE. As long as they have the qualifications and experience for the job.

What is the Average Salary For Foreign Doctors in USA?

Based on Statistics, the average salary of foreign doctors in the USA is $99,178. So, doctors who are foreigners are making approximately $20.31 per hour in the United States. Also, they make approximately $814 per week and about $3,523 per month.

Jobs for Foreign Doctors in USA Without USMLE

Top Jobs in USA For Foreign Doctors Without USMLE

There are lots of jobs available in USA for foreign doctors without USMLE. However, below are high-paying and Top Jobs for foreign doctors without USMLE

  • Medical Spa
  • Urgent Care
  • Medical Writing
  • Epidemiologist
  • Genetics Counselor
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Program Director
  • Clinical Quality Specialist
  • Clinical and Administrator Director
  • EHR Training Specialist
  • Clinical Trial Coordinator

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Requirements to Apply for Foreign Doctor Jobs in USA without USMLE

To work or apply for Jobs in USA with USMLE, there are certain requirements you need to meet. Below are some of these requirements. So you should ensure you meet the requirements before proceeding to apply for the job.

  • You must have experience in the field
  • The applicant must be a foreigner
  • As an applicant, you must have an MD or Doctor of Medicine

You can check the company website you want to apply to for other requirements. Make sure you meet all the requirements before you apply for the Job with USMLE

How to Apply for Foreign Doctor Jobs

To apply for Jobs in the USA for foreign doctors without USMLE, you just need to visit any online Job website of your choice. There are lots of Jobs websites online so make sure it is a legal one you want to use. If you don’t have one in mind, you can visit

Make use of the search engine on the website to search for “Jobs in USA for foreigners without USMLE. Choose the Job that suits you and send your resume or CV. Also, ensure you read the job descriptions and some others on the site before proceeding to apply for the job.

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