How to Become a Criminal Justice Lawyer

How can I become a criminal justice lawyer? If you want to pursue a career in the legal system that is rewarding and at the same time challenging, becoming a criminal justice lawyer can be a good fit. Whether they are defending people who have been accused of crimes or performing related work, criminal justice lawyer plays a very important role in society.

How to Become a Criminal Justice Lawyer

To become a criminal lawyer, you must be able to work under pressure while working on quick cases. You must be able to enjoy a challenge and think on your feet. There are lots that come with becoming a Criminal defense lawyer. First, you must meet educational requirements and also gain more experience.

Becoming a criminal justice lawyer will offer you perks and also let you work in the Justice system. You will also be able to earn a higher than average salary. However, this article is everything you need to know about how you can become a criminal Justice lawyer. All you need to do is to follow to the very end to check what the criminal Justice lawyer means and the duties and responsibilities that come with the Job.

Who is a Criminal Justice Lawyer?

A criminal justice lawyer is an attorney who prosecutes or defends organizations or individuals that are involved in criminal cases. They solve cases that are considered harmful or endangering society.

A criminal defense lawyer safeguards the client’s constitutional rights by proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before the law denies your client of freedom. Although the road to becoming a criminal justice lawyer is not easy, it is very rewarding to people who chose the career.  

Duties & Responsibilities of Criminal Justice Lawyer

To become a criminal justice lawyer, you need to know their duties and responsibilities. Below are the responsibilities of a criminal lawyer

  • Gathering witnesses for the case
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Examining evidence at the crime scenes
  • Developing wise strategies for the case
  • Building and developing good defenses
  • File and counter appeals

Criminal lawyers can also take pro bono cases where they work for the public without any payment. Handling high cases can put you in the public eye as a criminal lawyer. And also subject you to media coverage. You can also give statements and interviews that are related to the case on behalf of your clients

Steps to Becoming A Criminal Justice Lawyer

There are certain steps you should follow in order to achieve your dreams of becoming a Criminal Justice Lawyer. Below are the steps to take to build your career in this field

Complete Secondary School Education and go for Entrance Exams

Towards the end of your education or after, you will have to go for law entrance exams. You will need to have an aggregate of 50-60% marks in the board exams to be eligible for the Undergraduate courses.  Here are some of the examinations you should look out for;

  • LSAT ( Law school admission Test)
  • CLAT ( Common Law Admission Test)
  • AILET ( All India Law Entrance Test)
  • Delhi University Law Entrance Exam
  • SET ( Symbiosis Entrance Test)

Complete Law Undergraduate Course

You must complete a law bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or University. There are two ways to do this. You can pursue an LLB degree, which mainly focuses on legal studies or a BA LLB degree. It is also an integrated bachelor’s course that has art subjects. After you complete the bachelor’s course, you can now start your independent practice or work in a legal firm

Pass Bar Exam

After you have your bachelor’s degree, you will have to write and pass the bar exam of a particular jurisdiction. You need this to be able to appear in supreme or high court cases.

Pursue a Post-graduate Law Degree

You can go for advanced legal studies through a master’s course in criminal law. This will grant you an LLM degree on completion. The master’s course offers amazing scope for specialization within criminal law.

Pursue a Doctorate Degree in Law to go Further

You can pursue a Ph.D. or Doctorate in law to take your legal studies further. This normal requires completing a dissertation

Gain Experience in Work

You should try to gain work experience under a legal firm or established criminal lawyer. Field experience is very good to develop a successful career in criminal law.

This will take you between 3 to 13 years to become one. The road to becoming a criminal defense lawyer is very long but it is a good career.

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