Facebook Username – How to Create a Facebook Username


Facebook is used by millions of people across the world. People use Facebook for social interaction, to share information, share their day to day personal experiences, to meet new people as well as to learn events happening around the world. Facebook as a social media platform has attracted people from all domains regardless of their culture, gender, social status, religion among others. For users to use Facebook they must have a personal Facebook account. Creating a Facebook account is an easy process that is not time consuming and can be undertaken by any interested persons. The process of creating a Facebook account requires for users to provide some personal information such as your Facebook address and password. Once you have created a Facebook account, you will need to create a Facebook username which allows you to customize your Facebook profile. Facebook username enables other users to access and locate your Facebook profile as well as timeline easily.

Facebook Username – How to Create a Facebook Username

Creating a Facebook username is optional. Facebook accounts can function without a username. However it is important to create a Facebook username to allow people access as well as locate your timeline easily. Username is different from Facebook names. Facebook names are your real official names that you enter when creating a Facebook account. Facebook names are mandatory while Facebook username is optional though important for users. Users can log into their Facebook accounts using their email address, phone number as well as their Facebook username. Users can only have one Facebook username. The Facebook username should be unique as well as distinct from any other usernames.

How to Create a Facebook Username

Having a username is optional for all users. However it is necessary for user to have usernames so as to enable other people as well as users locate their Facebook profiles easily. It is easy and time friendly to create a username. Below are the steps to follow:

1.Connect your device to internet and log into your Facebook account

2. From the right corner of your screen click on the drop down arrow

3. On the pop up drop down menu click on settings

4. Click on general account settings

5. From the username field click on edit and from there you will be able to create your preferred username. The user name should be unique from any other usernames.

6. Click on save changes

Usernames allows users to promote their Facebook profiles to other users. Users can only have one username to their Facebook profile. Username cannot be less than five characters. It should be unique as well as different from any other usernames.


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