Facebook Timeline – Facebook Timeline Setting | Facebook Timeline Cover

Facebook timeline is a Facebook service that enables its users to share their photos, posts as well as their experiences.  From Facebook timeline users can update their cover photos, view their Facebook activity log, edit personal information as well as update their Facebook status among other activities. Facebook timeline is a feature that replaced the ‘wall’.  To majority of Facebook users it is easy to use and access majority of Facebook feature and services. Facebook time gives users an easy time on how they present themselves in terms of their updated photos as well as status and personal information.

Facebook Timeline - Facebook Timeline Setting | Facebook Timeline Cover

User can customize their photos and also their status to their desirable formats. Users can access everything they have ever posted on Facebook from their Facebook timeline. This enables users to go through all their content to see if it appropriate. If not appropriate the user can choose to edit, update as well as remove the content from the timeline. Once content removed from timeline it is no longer accessible to the user or to anyone viewing the user’s timeline. When a user visits another user page, their timeline is what you see.

How does Facebook Timeline Work

Facebook timeline has some feature that enable it function effectively

Cover – Cover is found at the top of the timeline. It enables users to choose as well as upload new photos/images from their album. Users can customize their cover photo to fit what they desire. This has provided users to control the layout of their profile.

Info – This section is found just below the cover. Users are able to update their personal information such as: their education, work, current city as well as hometown. Other details include: your employment, family connections as well as relationship status. Users can edit this information and details at any time they will to.

Activity Log – Activity log is accessed by clicking the button ‘view activity. The activity log allows the user to control what activities can be viewed by other users and those that should remain private to the user only.

Through Facebook timeline users are able to add events, status, photos as well as updating their experiences. User has control over what can be viewed from his/her timeline. Users can edit and update information and details on their timeline at any given time. Through timeline users also have control over how their Facebook profile should look like.

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