Facebook Services – How to Add Facebook Services to My Page


Facebook is the largest social network in the world. With more than two billion people logging in to the Facebook services every month. Facebook services can be accessed from gadgets such as personal computers, smartphones as well as tablets. To access Facebook services these gadgets or devices should have internet connectivity. Facebook has influenced social life and people’s way of life in many ways. It allows people through their devices to constantly stay in touch with friends, relatives as well as family members. Through Facebook services users are able to exchange ideas as well as acquiring new information and knowledge.

Facebook Services - How to add Facebook services to My Page

There are a number of Facebook services used by user across the world. These services include:  Facebook market place, Facebook media, Facebook messenger, Facebook live, Facebook pages, Facebook gaming creators, Facebook for developers as well as Facebook business manager. Other Facebook services include Facebook: instant articles, messenger kids, youth portal, creator studio, audience insights, audience network, Facebook blueprint, Facebook poke among other services. Each Facebook service is unique and offers different experience to the users.

How to Add Facebook Services to My Page

Facebook users have the options of adding as many Facebook services as they desire to their Facebook pages. For new Facebook users if you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be directed to login to Facebook option. Once logged in, to add services to you page:

You must ensure you have the service tab, if you do not have the service tab, add it by clicking on settings at the top of you Facebook page. Click on templates as well as tabs on the left column. Scroll down to the bottom and click on add a tab and next to services click on add tab then close. Now that you have added Facebook service tab to your page, you can add services by:

  • Return to the front page of your Page and click on services from the left column
  • Click on add service
  • Add information about your service, such information may include; description, price, name as well as photo for your service then click on save.

To continue adding other services click on add a service. Currently there is no format to rearrange the services. Rather there are arranged by order in which you entered them; the first service entered will appear at the bottom of the list and the currently entered service will appear on the top of the list.

How to add Facebook Services in Mass

  • Once logged in, select the option new tab
  • From the drop down menu click on add services
  • Click on add button from where Facebook is listed
  • Select on set up from the right side of Facebook page loader service

From there use the tick boxes to select the services pages you desire to add. Click on save button and the selected services will be added as new services


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