Facebook Play Store Messenger – Facebook Messenger App Download From Play Store


There are few users on Facebook who knows about the play store messenger, but the majority of users on the Facebook platform don’t have a clue that there is something like play store messenger. Well on this article you will learn everything about the messenger on play store. With this messenger, there are lots of things you can do and will be faster more than the Facebook app or Facebook site.

Facebook Play Store Messenger - Facebook Messenger App Download From Play Store

We have also 50 million users on the Facebook platform that are looking for a way to access Facebook and use it in a more efficient and quicker way. That is why I have come here today, to tell you how you can access the Facebook site or platform rather without any issue or problem at all. You should worry no more, because you can now send messages faster and do a lot of things easier with this messenger.

All you need to do is to access the messenger and everything else will be very easy and simple. Not to confuse you reading this article, I will like to tell you what the messenger is and things you can do with it, before proceeding further in explaining how you can access it and use it.

Play Store Messenger – What Is the Messenger

The messenger is an instant messaging app that allows you send messages on the Facebook platform more easily and also connect with family and friends faster.

With this app you can perform the activities you do on the Facebook platform, because it is owned by Facebook but different from the Facebook app. with the messenger you can do a lot of things on the Facebook platform. To break everything down for you and make it understandable, let me tell you the things you can do on the messenger app.

There are wide varieties of activities you can perform on the messenger app, that makes the Facebook platform sweeter and easy to access and operate. Here are some of the things you can do on messenger;

Things You Can Do On Messenger

  • You can send money to friend using the messenger.
  • See locations on using the messenger app.
  • Make free audio and video calls with friends and family.
  • See maps on messenger.
  • Send stickers to friends using messenger.
  • Can also do a voice recording and send it to friends on Facebook using the messenger app.

These are some of the things you can do on messenger, although there are lots more.

How to Download the Messenger

Before you can download the messenger app on your device you will need to visit the play store on your device. To make everything more easily to understand just read the steps given below;

  • Open or access rather, the Google play store in your device.
  • Click or tap on the search tab at the top of the page.
  • Enter or type Facebook messenger app in the tab.
  • Click on search.
  • You will be shown results of the app you have searched.
  • Click on or select the messenger app of your choice, because there will be lots of messenger apps given.
  • Click or tap on install and the app will begin to download automatically.
  • After the app has downloaded completely, you can now install it on your device.

These are the steps you will follow to get the messenger on your device and start enjoying it. But before you can enjoy the messenger you must learn how to access the messenger app.

How to Sign In To Messenger

  • To access the messenger or to sign in is not is a problem at all. Read the steps below and it will guide you on how you can access the messenger app.
  • Open the messenger app.
  • Enter your email or phone number.
  • Enter your password below.
  • Then click on sign in


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