Facebook Insights – How to Use Facebook Insights


Facebook as a social media platform is used by millions of users across the world. Facebook provides its users with services, feature as well as tools that make the platform more interactive as well as user friendly. Due to its user friendly services as well as features Facebook is among the leading social media networks in the world. Facebook insights tool is used by users to measure their Facebook page performance. Facebook insights allow users to measure their performance by tracking their Facebook page likes as well as views. The Facebook insights tool is commonly used by business personals as well as any Facebook user with intend of attracting more fans and users to their pages for any given purpose.

Facebook Insights – How to Use Facebook Insights

Users are able to track as well as measure the number of given active users in a given period. These way users are able to know what content is popular to post as well as the appropriate time to post the content. Facebook insights help users to attract more fans to their pages. It allows user to know how well they are doing in terms of content wise as well as in terms of attracting more audience. It is used by business personal with the aim of marketing their brands. It is also commonly used by celebrities as well as politicians with the aim of making themselves better known to the public. Facebook insights tool gives a metric review on how well your Facebook page is doing. The Facebook insights tool keeps on updating, so to keep track of the performance the user has to frequently check on the insights.

How to Use Facebook Insights

1 Go to your business or brand page and click on insights

2 Next page will be your dashboard which is divided into different sections which include:

-Overview – The over view section gives you an overall view of what generally happened with regard to your Facebook performance in terms of likes, posts as well as engagement.

-Page likes – Page likes section gives an insight of the total number of like, net likes and where these likes happened from, that is, from mobile phones, desktop as well as directly from your page.

-Reach – Post reach gives an overview of the number of people who viewed content from your page and how they reacted to it. It could be reaction by liking, commenting as well as sharing the content.

-Visits – This section helps you keep a track on the number of people visiting your page and where they are visiting from.

-Videos – This section helps the user to know the type of videos to post by giving metrics on the most viewed videos.

Facebook insights allow the user to get to know his/her audience better and the type of content to post. It helps the users to be in a much better control of their page by knowing what sells better to the audience and what does not. Facebook insight page is always constantly updating, so for a better understanding of the performance metrics the user should frequently visit the insight page.


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