Facebook Friends – How to Add Friends on Facebook


Facebook is a platform where people get to interact with friends, family as well as meet new friends from all over the world. People are able to exchange as well as share information and learn from each other. Facebook friends are the Facebook contacts you add to your Facebook account. Facebook friends are not necessarily people you know in real life. Friends include of people you know in real life, family members as well as people you have never met, that is, strangers. These people do not necessarily have to have anything in common in order to have them as your Facebook friends.

Facebook Friends – How to Add Friends on Facebook

Facebook friends are able to see and view everything you post to your timeline so long as it is visible to the public or friends. They are able to react and comment on your updates and posts that you have set to be visible to the public. You can as well see their updates and posts that they post on their timelines. You can as well react and comment on their posts and updates. Location does not define your Facebook friends; they can be from any part of the world. Facebook connects people from different parts of the world, of different culture as well as people of different religion. You can send a friend request to any person you want to become friends with on Facebook. You can only become friends once the person accepts your friend request.

Facebook Friends- How to Add Friends on Facebook

Adding friends to Facebook is an easy process that can be done by any Facebook user. Below are the steps to follow:

1.Log into your Facebook account if you are not yet logged in

2. From the top of your Facebook wall click on the search bar.

3. From the search bar type in the name or phone number as well as Facebook address of the person you are searching for.

4. Click on their name when it pops up below the search bar. Clicking on their name will lead you to the person’s profile.

5. From his/her profile click on Add Friend which will send them a friend request

6. You only become friends once the person accepts your friend request


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