CREATE MY AVATAR ON FACEBOOK – Avatar Set Up On Facebook | Facebook Avatar Maker Link 2020

Facebook Avatar Free for Use; This Facebook avatar feature is just like the Snapchat Bitmoji cartoonist creator that has been for a while now. Therefore, if you can use the Snapchat Bitmoji very well then you can as well use the Facebook avatar 2020 feature to create your own cartoonish image. At the first lunching of the feature, we all thought the feature will be a premium font. However, after rolling out recently it came out as a free feature for all Facebook user.

CREATE MY AVATAR ON FACEBOOK - Avatar Set Up On Facebook | Facebook Avatar Maker Link 2020

This Facebook Avatar feature helps you to design a cartoonish character of yourself that you can use for different purposes. More so, you can use it for it for your profile photo feed and post. Also, you can as well use it for making comments and chat when using the Facebook messenger app.

What is Facebook Avatar

Sometimes it is good to use some emoji stickers to make a conversation with friends and you can use your avatar photo for that too. As a Facebook user you can customize your avatar to any form you like and as well add some feel if you wish.

Facebook Avatar Setup

Therefore, to setup your Facebook avatar feature is very easy. However, the word setup implies on how you can organize your avatar to come out perfect the way you want it. Furthermore, this is also referred to as Facebook avatar creator. More so, to access the avatar feature in other to start creating your own look alike cartoonish character read below.

  • Open your Facebook App on your mobile phone preferably.
  • Then click o the menu option at the upper part of your screen. However, for iPhone users, this is at the bottom of their screen.
  • Scroll down to locate the see more caption.
  • Furthermore, scroll down until you can find the caption Avatar.
  • Hit o the avatar caption to start creating your avatar image.

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